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Costumenaut is a top-down shoot 'em up game with a roguelike elements. In Costumenaut, you play as a poor nerd who has been abducted by alien spaceship and wandering the universe, whose costumes are his only weapon. Choose one of the 9 costumes to defeat the enemy in 5 different extraterrestrial environments.


  • Arena Mode
    Arena Mode is similar to Survival or Endless mode, which is common in most top-down shoot-'em-up games. Your goal is to survive within a small, confined area. While the enemies won’t get stronger, they will spawn more quickly and appear in larger numbers.

    Instead of getting stat boosts when leveling up, you choose one out of the three presented perks to augment your abilities. There are a total of 21 perks.
  • Adventure Mode
  • Adventure Mode is closer to a typical roguelike. You will traverse a map twice as large as the Arena Mode’s. Your goal is to collect the six cores scattered across the map and bring them back to the spaceship in the center.

    When you activate the spaceship after getting all the cores, a certain amount of space will appear around it, and you will have to endure attacks within it for a set time to advance to the next level. You can enter and exit the space at will, but the timer will pause when you are outside.

    The enemies in Adventure Mode will get stronger as time passes. It is up to you to decide if you will collect as much money as possible to open the item boxes in the field before moving on, or clear the level quickly. There is currently a total of 90 items, and more may be added soon.

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